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Current priorities and concerns

Thank you for looking at my page. These are issues I am currently working on, and I will update here as developments occur. If you want to raise an issue with me or comment please email me at


Current issues in Molesey East:

The Gladedale plans for a hotel, retail and flats at the Jolly Boatman site and land around Hampton Court Station are in my view an over-development too far. If the scheme is realised it would ruin the views of Hampton Court Palace from Molesey and have a detrimental effect on traffic flow, and very probably pedestrian safety. We need either a public park at the Jolly Boatman site or a development that is moderate and proportional, taking into account its proximity to the Palace. I will seek to influence the Conservative group at Elmbridge Council positively where the Jolly Boatman is concerned.

I am supporting a petition by residents in Esher Road and Alders Grove for improved safety for children crossing the road in between the two bridges where vehicles currently speed. Surrey Highways have been instructed to survey the area and make recommendations. These might include a 20mph limit, a crossing island, or an option which is much less likely - though one I have asked to be priced up - of widening the narrow bridge (at the police station end) to have a pedestrian walkway on both sides.

Residential streets in Molesey town centre, including School Road, Matham, Manor Road, Park Road, are used by shoppers and commuters who wish to avoid paying the 30p hourly charge at the Walton Road car park. I am seeking to persuade the Conservative administration to consider a period of free parking (30 mins to an hour) to boost trade and provide relief for residents.

I have met with Surrey County Council to seek action over all-day commuter parking in Wolsey and Palace roads which creates tension with residents when driveways are blocked or gutters cannot be maintained by the council's roadsweepers. The solution I am pursuing on residents' behalf is for a one hour period of residents-only parking which will prevent all-day parking, and free up spaces for short term parking which will benefit Bridge Road shops. However the earliest proposals could be brought forward by Surrey is September 2015, and would only be implemented if a majority of residents in the affected streets agree.

Last winter was unusually wet and a handful of homes in East Molesey suffered the trauma of flooding. Elmbridge Council ran a 24 hour crisis centre and deployed thousands of sandbags, but residents told me they were frustrated by a lack of information and coordination of relief efforts. My idea is to establish a local flood warden for each at-risk street in East Molesey to ensure help and information gets to residents in the most need.


Democracy agenda:

Every year roughly a third of voters in Molesey cast their ballots in our local elections. This is concerning because it means that two in every three Molesey voters are deciding not to participate in the democratic process. This low participation suggests to me that a disconnect has occurred between local government and residents. I want to see the council being more open, accountable and responsive to residents and councillors must lead this reforming process.

Few people have the time or inclination to attend council meetings, and yet the decisions made at these gatherings often have an impact on our communities and residents' lives. I support televised filming (webcasting) of Elmbridge Council meetings on the internet to allow voters to see how the council conducts its business.

It is important to me that residents are kept informed about local issues and how tax money is being spent. I have been producing and delivering my Molesey News papers since 2011 to keep the community informed and will continue to do so. You can read past editions here.

There has been a growing tendency within local government of a shift in the power from elected councillors to the unelected council officials. This undermines our democratic tradition and I will oppose any further drift in this direction and work for a return of power to the councillors, and thereby to you the voter who chooses them.

I'm concerned that private sector contractors seem to regard the council authorities who employ them as having deep pockets, and that there seems to be a routine overcharging of projects. As a councillor I consider it a duty to be a guardian of the public purse, and to scrutinise spending. I will oppose the taxpayer being taken for a ride.

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