Ways in which you can get involved

Attending Council, Cabinet and Committee Meetings

Members of the public are very welcome to attend and watch the proceedings at meetings of the Council, together with the Cabinet, Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the Planning and Licensing Committees. There are also opportunities to participate at various meetings and more information on how you can do this is detailed below.

All Council and Committee meetings are open to the press and public (subject to various legislative exclusions) and agendas and reports are available online via the Council's electronic diary. Should you wish to attend a meeting, most start at 7.45pm and are held either in the Council Chamber or in the Committee Rooms at the Civic Centre, Esher. Cabinet meetings and Audit & Standards Committee meetings start at 7.00pm.

Sending a Deputation to a Cabinet or Committee Meeting

A deputation is a group of at least three people, who live or work within the Borough, who wish to express their views on a particular topic. A spokesperson may address the Cabinet or the Committee for a maximum of three minutes. Other members of the deputation are welcome to attend as observers. Cabinet and Committees may receive a deputation on any matter within their terms of reference except in the case of the Planning Committee, when deputations shall not be received in respect of development control matters, which are covered in the 'Speaking at Area Planning Sub-Committee' below.

Speaking at Area Planning Sub-Committees

Members of the public have the right to speak on certain planning applications being considered by the Council's East, North and South Area Planning Sub-Committees. Find out more about speaking at an Area Planning Sub-Committee meeting.

Making a Representation Against a Licensing Application

There are opportunities to enable members of the public to submit representations against a Licensing Application. Information in respect of this is available on the Council's website.

Standing to be a Borough Councillor

If you care about what happens in your local area, are interested in making a real difference, like getting involved and want to have your say, then you should consider standing for election as a Borough Councillor.

Becoming a local Councillor is a rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunity to help your local community and is a great way to help you contribute to decisions that will develop and define Elmbridge for future years. Find out more about becoming a Councillor.

Becoming an Independent Remuneration Panel Member

The Independent Remuneration Panel, which consists of three members, is responsible for advising the Council on the type and level of allowances to be paid to elected Councillors of the Council. It is an opportunity to influence the way in which elected Councillors are reimbursed for their public service. The Panel is currently constituted and has no vacancy at the present time. When it is time to recruit to the post of Independent Remuneration Panel Member, details, will be placed on the Council's website at the appropriate time.


You can access and sign current ePetitions submitted to this Council, as well as accessing information on ePetitions that have already been completed.