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Withdraw Increases In Car Park Charges As Detailed In The Cabinet Meeting of 14/11/2018

We the undersigned petition Elmbridge Borough Council to withdraw the increases in car park charges proposed in the Cabinet meeting on 14/11/2018. In particular we ask that: The proposed increase in charged parking hours is abandoned; That 3 hours free parking on Saturdays should continue in Walton Central car parks; That the option to charge for Sunday parking should be abandoned; That new proposals should be arrived at by consultation with all Ward Councillors; That such proposals should be aimed at agreeing price increases close to the current rate of inflation.

The increases proposed by the Conservative administration would hit a number of communities hard.
Residents would suffer not just from increased costs when they use car parks, but in town centres they would face additional displacement of car from car parks to residential roads. This would be exacerbated by longer charging hours which will lead to conflict between early evening diners etc., coming into town centres and residents arriving home during the same period. In addition Anyone parking free in a car park overnight would need to vacate their space before 8 a.m. rather than 9 a.m.
Shoppers will be faced with a disincentive to shop in our town centres as the cost rises ever higher.
Town centre workers, often not well paid, will face large increases to park whilst they work.
Traders will suffer from a reduction in footfall and staff who will be looking for increased wages in order to pay for the new parking charges. It is likely that more shops in our town will close. This is particularly likely in Walton Town Centre if 3 hour free Saturday parking is terminated.
Commuters already facing big hikes in rail fares will also face large increases in parking charges.

Started by: Graham Woolgar (Graham Woolgar for The Walton Society)

This Elmbridge Borough Council E-Petition runs from 02/12/2018 to 02/03/2019.

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