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Planning - Local Validation Checklist


Resolved that the publication of the new Validation Checklist be approved.


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The Portfolio Holder for Planning Services considered a report that set out the background for the introduction of a Local Validation Checklist together with the outcomes of the recently undertaken public consultation.


The Portfolio Holder was reminded that the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) set out what needed to be submitted alongside a planning application such as the relevant form, fee and plans.  Legislation enabled local authorities to apply additional requirements that were deemed necessary to make an informed decision.  The additional requirements had to be publicised in the form of a Local Validation Checklist.


Accordingly, the Council’s new Local Validation Checklist had been prepared to replace the current checklist that had been adopted in 2013.  Existing information had been updated and improved, and new requirements added where necessary.  The Portfolio Holder noted that the new Local Validation Checklist would be published as an interactive webpage on the Council’s website.  The Portfolio Holder acknowledged that with the implementation of the new checklist, the receipt of higher quality application submissions was expected.  It was hoped that this would reduce the time spent on invalidating and requesting the additional information required to register the application and would in turn speed up the determination process.


The Portfolio Holder noted that at the Planning Committee meeting in June 2018, it had been agreed that a six-week public consultation be undertaken in respect of the revised Local Validation Checklist.  Whilst 37 responses had been received, 20 respondents agreed with the following statements and made no further comments:


1.          The revised requirements were reasonable, having regard to the nature and scale of different potential developments;

2.          It is clear what information will be required with different application types; and

3.          The draft checklist is an improvement on the current one.


On consideration of the report and the responses received in respect of the public consultation exercise, the Portfolio Holder for Planning Services supported the publication of the new Local Validation Checklist.


Resolved that the publication of the new Validation Checklist be approved.

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