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Community Governance Review - Hersham


Further to the report to the meeting of the Council on 18 July 2018, the Leader introduced the report and Members considered the outcome of a Community Governance Review (CGR) for Hersham. 


Members noted that the Council had previously received a valid petition from the Hersham Community Council Steering Group, signed by 731 local government electors, requesting that a CGR be conducted, to consider the establishment of a parish council for Hersham, to be called the ‘Hersham Community Council’.


The Council considered the results of the extensive consultation undertaken.  In total, 10,067 electors / interested individuals / businesses etc had been sent the Terms of Reference of the CGR and had been invited to give their views. The consultation took place over a twelve-week period, ending 23 October 2018. 


In total, 632 responses to the consultation had been received, which represented an overall response rate of 6.46%.  Of those, 43.83% were in favour and 55.70% were not in favour of the creation of a parish council for Hersham.  Members had regard to the low numbers that had responded to the consultation, with the majority of those respondents not supporting the creation of a parish council for Hersham. 


Members acknowledged the work of the Steering Group in seeking a CGR together with the views that had been submitted in response to the consultation. 


During consideration of the item, C.R. Green, Mrs. M.C. Sheldon and Mrs. R. Mitchell requested that thanks be recorded to the Steering Group, Head of Democratic Services, the Electoral Services Manager and the Democratic Services Team for their hard work in undertaking the Review.


Having considered the report, on whether to establish a new parish (community) council for Hersham, the Council


Resolved that


(a)      the detailed report on the undertaking of the Community Governance Review for Hersham and the outcome of the consultation be noted;


(b)      having regard to the Community Governance Review and the outcome of the consultation, that no change to current arrangements be made; and


(c)      authority be delegated to the Head of Democratic Services to take the necessary next steps and to inform the electors and organisations affected by the proposal of the Council’s decision.

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