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Leisure Facilities Strategy for Elmbridge


Resolved that the report be noted and that the outline timetable detailed within be agreed.


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The Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture introduced the report and advised the Cabinet that the contract for the management of the Borough’s leisure facilities was coming to an end in 2021.


Members noted that the current Leisure Management Contract, which included the Xcel Leisure Complex, Hurst Pool and the four remaining community halls (King George’s Hall, Elm Grove Hall, the Cecil Hepworth Playhouse and Vine Hall), would end on 14 August 2021.  The Synthetic Turf Pitch and the Sports Hub contracts were both co-terminus with the Leisure Management Contract and in this regard, it was anticipated that both facilities would be included within the new Leisure Management Contract going forward in 2021.


The Portfolio Holder advised that in preparation for the re-tendering of the Leisure Management Contract and to help inform the procurement process, specialist consultants, Strategic Leisure, had been appointed to undertake an Indoor Leisure Facility Needs Assessment and a Leisure Management Options Appraisal, the details of which were outlined in the report.


The Portfolio Holder reported that the most prominent item would be in respect of Hurst Pool and in this regard advised that it was nearing the end of its useful life.  Proposals could include the rebuilding of the Pool, the addition of two further swimming lanes and the possibility of adding another facility such as a gymnasium, so that the venue had a greater focus for the local community.


An indicative timetable for the award of the contract was also provided and the Members noted that a report in respect of the Leisure Facilities Strategy and Management Options Appraisal would be presented to the Cabinet at the meeting in September 2018.


During the discussion, the Leader requested that all Trustees and Stakeholders, particularly for the four community halls, be notified in writing of the indicative timetable so that they were engaged throughout the process.


The Leader then invited Councillor Mrs. C. Elmer, a Walton South Ward Councillor, to address the meeting.  Whilst noting the comments made regarding Hurst Pool, Councillor Mrs. Elmer considered that this facility was a relatively new Pool and, in this regard, asked the Portfolio Holder for more details.  The Portfolio Holder commented that the infrastructure for a facility like Hurst Pool would become dated with time and further information in this regard would be included within the report to Cabinet in September 2018.  For the purposes of clarity, Councillor Mrs. J.R. Turner advised that this facility was built some 22 years ago.


Resolved that the report be noted and that the outline timetable detailed within be agreed.

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