Agenda item

2020/0424 - 1 Green Lane, Cobham


                        The Sub-Committee was addressed by Mr. J. Kelly an objector and Mr. D. Less, the applicant.


                        Following consideration of the application, for openness and transparency purposes, a recorded vote was undertaken on the recommendation as set out within the officer’s report subject to the receipt of a completed legal agreement to secure a late review mechanism  in relation to affordable housing within 3 months, or a longer period as agreed by the head of planning services.   Furthermore, should a completed legal agreement not be received the members also considered that planning permission should be refused as the proposal in failing to provide a legal agreement to secure a late review mechanism would fail to comply with Policy CS21. Policy CS21 allowed in instances where affordable housing could not be provided in accordance with policy, it would seek to negotiate an alternative provision. In this regard the Members considered a late review mechanism was an appropriate alternative provision.  The outcome of the recorded vote was as follows:


                        For the recommendation to permit: J.W. Browne, A.P. Burley, Mrs. H.C. Butler, O.T. Chappell, G.P. Dearlove, P.M. Harman, D.J. Lewis, Mrs. V. Macleod and A. Tilling (9)


                        Against the recommendation to permit: (0)


                        Abstentions:, B.J.F. Cheyne (1)


                        The Chairman declared the recommendation as having been carried and accordingly the Sub-Committee resolved to


            Permit with the conditions and informatives as outlined in the agenda, subject to the completion of a satisfactory legal agreement to secure a late review mechanism for affordable housing within 3 months of the resolution to grant permission, or a longer period as agreed by the Head of Planning Services.


            In addition, the Sub-Committee agreed that should a satisfactory legal agreement for a late review mechanism for affordable housing not been completed within 3 months or an agreed extended period,  delegated authority be given to the Head of Planning Services to refuse planning permission for the following reason:


            1. The proposal, by reason of the lack of a legal agreement in relation to a late review mechanism for affordable housing, would be contrary to the requirements of Policy CS21 of the Core Strategy 2011 and the Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document 2012

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