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Overview and Scrutiny Work Programme 2019/20


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The Committee was invited to review progress against its work programme, identify any additional items for consideration at a future programme and add, amend or delete items from the work programme as appropriate.


The Committee agreed that the following items be added to the Committee’s work programme for the 2019/20 Municipal Year: an update from each of the Portfolio Holder’s (who had not already attended a meeting excluding the Leader); an invitation to the Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Highways to discuss the bus service provision within the Borough; an invitation to the Surrey County Council Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Fire & Resilience to discuss the recent proposed changes to the way Surrey Fire and Rescue Service operated; and recommendations from the Performance and Finance Standing Panel in respect of the Medium Term Financial Plan.


During the discussion regarding future work items, the Committee requested that a written update or report be submitted by any external visitors in order to provide some background information prior to their attendance.  Given that this information would be submitted prior to the meeting, the Committee considered that a time limit of ten minutes be set for the introduction of any presentation and that a limit of twenty minutes be set for any questions the Committee may have.  In this regard, the Chairman requested that when Members ask their questions to keep these concise, not make statements and not repeat questions already posed.


Agreed that the progress of the Committee’s work programme for 2019-20 be noted.

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