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Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance - Fitness Stations in Ashley Park Application


The Walton-on-Thames Local Spending Board invited Ms. J. Gordon and G. Mann, representatives of Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance to the meeting.


Ms. Gordon explained that installing a new play and fitness station at Ashley Park would benefit the wider community and attract more people to visit Walton-on-Thames. The Board noted the following proposed three phases of the programme:


Proposed Play Area Development 1 - £47,000 (includes the activity trail, swings and climbing frame)

Proposed Play Area Development 2 - £25,000 (young children play area)

Proposed Play Area Development 3 - £11,000 (fitness trail)


Given that the phases could be developed over time, Members agreed to support Development 1 of the project.


Accordingly, on consideration of the application the Local Spending Board


Resolved that £47,000 be awarded to Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance in respect of Play Area Development 1 portion of the programme.




Supporting documents: