Agenda item

Review of the Council's Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Policy


The Committee considered a report in respect of a review of the Council’s Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Policy.  The Council adopted its existing policy in 2016 which set out the Council’s general approach to carrying out its licensing functions relating to gambling activity.  The Policy also states the Council’s expectations of applicants and licence holders and aimed to support consistent decision making.


The Principal Licensing Officer explained that the Policy was due to expire on 31 December 2019 and that Officer’s had been unable to complete a full review before this date.  In this regard, and to comply with the duty to publish a policy at least every three years, it was proposed that the Council continue using the existing policy to exercise its licensing functions.  A comprehensive review of the policy would be undertaken during 2020 and on conclusion would establish a revised policy for consideration by Members and seek approval for public consultation on the changes.


In respect of the existing Policy, one Member enquired whether the Council had created a Local Area Profile as an aid to discharging its functioning under the Gambling Act.  The Principal Licensing Officer explained that this had not been completed but was something that the Council wanted to do and would be undertaken for the next publication of the Policy.


In respect of extending the existing policy, the Committee deemed that this should be for one year only as per the agenda papers and that the Committee should be informed should a further extension of time be required.  Furthermore, the Committee requested that it be advised of the reasons why it had not been possible for the Policy to be reviewed should an extension of time be needed i.e. resourcing or staffing issues etc.


Recommended that


(a)    the Council continue to use its existing Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Policy for a further 12 months; and


(b)    the Gambling Act 2005 Statement of Policy, as attached as Appendix 1 to the report, be adopted and published.


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