Agenda item

2019/0657 - Wessex, South Road, Weybridge


                    Ten late letters of objection had been received from nine separate households.


                    The Sub-Committee was addressed by Mr. A. Harbige, an objector and Ms. H. Lowe, on behalf of the agent.


                        The Sub-Committee, having reviewed the relevant material considerations, concluded that the development would not provide a satisfactory residential environment for future occupiers and would also fail to provide suitable access.  Accordingly, the Sub-Committee resolved to


            Refuse planning permission, contrary to the officer’s recommendation, for the reasons set out below.


          1. The proposed unit sizes are considered insufficient and not in compliance with the Technical housing standards – national described space standard, and so the development would lead to an adverse impact on proposed occupiers’ amenity. The development is therefore considered to be contrary to the Technical Housing Standards and Policies DM2 and DM10 of the Development Management Plan 2015.


            2. The proposal would fail to minimise the impact of vehicle and traffic nuisance, would fail to make provision for loading, unloading and the turning of service vehicles and would not provide safe and convenient access to the highway, contrary to Policy DM7(a) of the Development Management Plan 2015.

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