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2018/1838 - 14 Queens Road, Hersham, Walton-on-Thames


During the introduction of the application, the North Area Team Leader explained to the Sub-Committee that this application had been considered by the Sub-Committee on 12 August 2019, whereby it resolved to refuse planning permission. The original officer recommendation was to grant permission, subject to the receipt of a satisfactory legal agreement to secure an affordable housing contribution. However, at the time of resolution, this had not been received. Therefore, this application was reconsidered by the Sub-Committee in order to recommend an additional reason for refusal be added.


The Sub-Committee was advised that since the last meeting, the applicant had submitted a statement from a Highways Consultant in response to the agreed reason for refusal resolved on 12 August 2019, indicating that the site was suitable to have zero parking. The Sub-Committee Members were opposed to this view and reiterated that there was parking stress already evident in the local area and therefore new occupiers would be competing with along local residents for parking spaces. Accordingly, the Sub-Committee resolved to


Refuse permission for the reasons set out below:


1.    The proposed development by reason of the lack of onsite parking would be detrimental to the amenities of local residents as it would lead to an increase in parking stress contrary to policy DM7 of the Elmbridge Development Management Plan 2015.


Add reason for Refusal.


2.    The proposal, would, by reason of the lack of a Unilateral Undertaking in relation to a financial contribution for affordable housing, be contrary to the requirements of Policy CS21 of the Core Strategy 2011 and the Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document 2012.










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