Agenda item

Reports of the Area Planning Sub-Committees

To consider the reports of the meetings of the Area Planning Sub-Committees:


The Committee considered the reports of meetings of the East, North and South Area Planning Sub-Committees.


The Chairman advised the Committee that she would be moving an amendment to the East Area Planning Sub-Committee Minutes of 12 August 2019, when those Minutes were presented subsequently to the Sub-Committee for adoption.  The amendment would be in respect of the minute for Application No. 2019/1131 – 32 St. Mary’s Road, Long Ditton and would clarify that the minute should have simply read that the decision was to defer the application for the reason specified, rather than deferring for the reason specified and identifying a particular date for reconsideration of the application. Members of the Planning Committee noted this update.


Resolved that the reports of the East, North and South Area Planning

Sub-Committees held on 12 August 2019 be received.

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