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Quarterly Crime and Disorder Benchmarking Report


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The Portfolio Holder for Community and Corporate Development introduced the report that provided an overview of the different types of police recorded crime in Elmbridge which had been taken from the Police Recorded Crime Survey.  The data within the report was based on a 12-month period and would be updated each calendar quarter (Quarter 1: January – March; Quarter 2: April – June; Quarter 3: July – September; and Quarter 4: October – December).


The Cabinet noted that police recorded crime figures covered selected offences that had been reported to and recorded by the Police.


The Portfolio Holder advised colleagues that crime figures in respect of April 2019 had been circulated to all Members that day.


With regard to the crime figures for April 2019, the decreases compared to the previous year were in respect of theft and handling of stolen goods, vehicle interference, violence with injury, domestic burglary and fraud.  In respect of fraud offences, the Portfolio Holder advised that internet fraud was a significant concern for residents and in this regard, she would be speaking to officers to see whether the figures could be established and included within this report.  In respect of more local statistics, it was noted that in Walton Central there had been an increase of 11 recorded incidents of anti-social behaviour despite the success of the Public Spaces Protection Order in that area.


The Cabinet welcomed the comprehensive report and update and supported the addition of statistics in respect of cyber crime which was becoming more high profile.


The Portfolio Holder for Transport further commented that whilst this report compared Elmbridge with the other local Surrey Boroughs and Districts, he considered it would also be interesting to compare similar statistics with the London Boroughs of Kingston and Richmond, which both bordered Elmbridge.


Recommended: that the data within the report be noted.

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