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Treasury Management 2018/19


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The Committee received an update in respect of the treasury management investment portfolio position of the Authority as at 15 February 2019.


Members were pleased to note that all of the limits and targets were within the parameters set by the Council.  Officers continued to explore options to increase the yield on investments while preserving capital value.


During consideration of the report, the Claygate Parish Councillor Co-Opted Member sought clarification in respect of borrowing and specifically the difference between Authorised Limit and Operational Boundary.  The Corporate Group Accountant advised that the Authorised Limit was the amount of borrowing that the Council must not exceed (100,000,000) and the Operational Boundary was the level of debt that the Council was expected to have i.e. planned borrowing (£65,000,000).


With regard to the Council’s property portfolio, one of the Independent Members asked what the loan to value ratio was.  The Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive commented that this information was included within an annual report to Council regarding property investments.  She further advised that valuations were carried out each year on all the property investments.  Furthermore, the Council had a Property Acquisition Strategy whereby it would only purchase properties within the Borough for either regeneration, housing and / or income purposes.  It was noted that for all property investments, a cautious and rigorous process was followed.


Resolved that the Treasury Management investment portfolio position as at

15 February 2019 be noted.

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