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Corporate Strategic Risk Register


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The Committee was reminded that the Council’s Risk Management Strategy required the Corporate Strategic Risk Register to be reviewed on an annual basis.  In this regard, Members were provided with the recently approved Register for 2019/20 which contained details of major identified risks which could affect the Council’s ability to achieve its priorities during the 2019/20 financial year.


During consideration of the Corporate Strategic Risk Register, one of the Independent Members commented that in his opinion, Item C (Services not delivered due to failure of major contractor) and Item J (Failure to regulate and monitor Partnerships and Joint Working Arrangements) were very similar albeit they had been given a different risk score.  Given that both items were providing services to the Council, he considered that the same procedures would be in place.  The Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive advised that for Item C, this covered the Council’s large contracts such as the Waste Contract which would be a major reputational risk to the authority should this particular contract fail.  She further advised that Item J was more about smaller contracts or Partnerships that could, if required, be delivered in-house.


With regard to Item C, one Member queried whether there was a contingency plan in place.  The Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive reported that such a plan was currently being produced and alternative options were being considered.  It was noted that this piece of work was being undertaken by Joint Waste Solutions and each of the four participating Councils were also like to have their own contingency plan.


In respect of the format of the Register and specifically the information of who the risk had been assigned to, one Member was concerned that Teams had been included in this information rather than key posts.  The Member commented that he would prefer to see an individual responsible rather than a generic Team.  The Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive advised that each Team had its own Operational Risk Register, which sat behind this Register, and that included named individuals.  However, she agreed that this could be looked at for future Registers.  She also confirmed that another Member Session would be held later in 2019 to help inform next year’s Risk Register.


With regard to Health and Safety, one Member considered that the Health and Safety resource, which it was noted would be located within the Organisational Development Team, should also have a specific responsibility for road safety, given that for most organisations the largest risk that was faced was in terms of having a road accident which could involve one of the Council’s Community Transport vehicles or a member of staff having a road accident either driving to and from work.  Having noted the suggestion, the Strategic Director and Deputy Chief Executive agreed to discuss this with relevant colleagues

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