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2018/3363 - 5 Summer Gardens, East Molesey


                    Three further letters of objection received.


                    The Sub-Committee discussed the application and concern was raised with regard to the proposed ‘piggy back’ style roof extension which it was considered did not enhance the area.  It was however acknowledged that a number of other properties had this style of roof extension in Summer Road and Members were reminded of the recent appeal decision for such a roof extension that had been allowed on appeal.  Accordingly, the Sub-Committee agreed that the design of the roof extension could not be used as a reason for refusing the application.


                    However, the Ward Members also raised concern with regard to the light levels to no. 3 Summer Gardens and specifically the first floor window on the side elevation facing towards the application site which was a habitable room.  Whilst it was noted that there was already a breach of the 25° test for this particular window, the Sub-Committee considered that this was not a reason to make a bad situation significantly worse.  Members felt that the size of the proposed extensions, which increased the ridge and eaves height and flank wall, would therefore result in an unreasonable reduction in the light levels to the first floor window of no. 3 Summer Gardens.  The Sub-Committee considered this would have an unacceptably adverse impact on the living conditions of the inhabitants of the neighbouring property at no. 3 Summer Gardens.


Therefore, the Sub-Committee, having reviewed the relevant material considerations, determined that the proposal would have a harmful impact upon the habitable window of no. 3 Summer Gardens due to the increase in the built form.  Accordingly, the Sub-Committee resolved to


          Refuse permission, contrary to the officer’s recommendation, for the reason set out below:


1.  By reason of the increased eaves and ridge height the flank wall would result in significant loss of daylight to the first floor side facing habitable room window of 3 Summer Gardens and is therefore in conflict with policy DM2 of the Elmbridge Development Management Plan 2015, policies CS7 and CS17 of the Elmbridge Core Strategy 2011, the Design and Character Supplementary Planning Document 2012 and the National Planning Policy Framework 2018.

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