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2018/2586 - Silver Maples, Molember Road, East Molesey


                    During her introduction, the East Area Team Leader reported that the applicant had provided additional information regarding tree protection and had submitted an amended materials schedule.  The Sub-Committee noted that the Council’s Tree Officer had reviewed the tree protection information and had confirmed that the submission information was acceptable.  Accordingly, the East Area Team Leader advised that should the Sub-Committee be minded to permit the application, it was suggested that Condition 8 (Tree Protection and Pre-Commencement Inspector) be removed and Condition 4 (Materials – Approved) be amended.


          Permit with conditions and informative as outlined in the agenda, subject to the following deleted, amended and additional conditions:


          Delete Condition 8 (Tree Protection and Pre-Commencement Inspection)


          Amend Condition:


          The development shall not be erected other than in the materials detailed in the Materials Schedule received on 30th November 2018 or such other materials as have been approved in writing by the Borough Council.


          Reason: To ensure that a satisfactory external appearance is achieved of the development in accordance with Policy DM2 of the Elmbridge Development Management Plan 2015.


          Add Condition:


No development shall commence until a Construction Transport Management Plan including site plan, to include details of:


(a)  parking for vehicles of site personnel, operatives and visitors

(b)  programme of works (including measures for traffic management)

(c)  HGV deliveries and removal of demolition materials

(d)  measures to prevent the deposit of materials on the highway has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Only the approved details shall be implemented during the construction of the development.


Reason: In order that the development should not prejudice highway safety nor cause inconvenience to other highway users. This is required to be a pre-commencement condition as the details go to the heart of the planning permission.

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